Our Story

Our Story

Onigiri FutagoTM was established 6 years ago by a tiny modest Indonesian family, who brought the strong devotion to art and crafts, true to their half-Japanese heritage. Two of the founders are twin sisters, hence the name “Futago” which means “Twins”. Onigiri FutagoTM is a kneaded roasted seaweed (nori)wrapped glutinous rice, filled with choices of fresh and authentic japanese filling from salmon, tuna, plums, to other favorites like chicken teriyaki. We also offer signature local flavored fillings like spicy roa and rendang rawit. It’s right balance between tasty nutritious content with compact and convenient size, makes Onigiri FutagoTM a perfect choice for a healthy on-the-go food to boost your daily activities.

Onigiri Futago ala Ayushita

Mengetahui produk kami dapat diterima oleh berbagai kalangan adalah salah satu pencapaian terbesar kami. Dan kami tidak akan pernah bosan karenanya. Terima kasih Ayushita!

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